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The public offer

Saint-Petersburg, december, 11 year 2008


1. General Provisions
1.1. The following document is an official proposal (public offer) of a limited liability company ôPanorama Nedvizhimostiö (hereinafter referred to as the ôEXECUTIVEö); it contains all important terms of service delivery to the participants of the Elite Estate International Conference;
1.2. In compliance with the provisions of paragraph 2 art. Nr. 437 of the Russian Federation Civil Code in case if a legal body or an individual accepts the conditions of the present public offer he/she becomes a CUSTOMER (In compliance with the provisions of paragraph 3 art. Nr. 438 of the Russian Federation Civil Code accepting the official proposal is equal to contracting under the terms stated in the offer);
1.3. In connection with the abovementioned information please be sure to read the following public offer with maximum attention and if you do not agree with any paragraph of the present proposal the EXECUTIVE offers you to decline the service delivery.

2. The subject of the offer
2.1. The subject of the present offer is the delivery of the Elite Estate participation-related services to the CUSTOMER, in accordance with the present public offer conditions, the offer appendix and the EXECUTIVEĺs list of prices (hereinafter referred to as the PRICELIST);
2.2. The present public offer, public offer appendix, and the PRICELIST (participation conditions) are official documents posted on official webpage of the Forum:;
2.3. The EXECUTIVE has a right to amend the PRICELIST (participation conditions), conditions of the present public offer and the offer appendix without a preliminary agreement with the CUSTOMER; the EXECUTIVE guarantees to post the amended conditions on;

3. Service description
3.1. In accordance with the present public offer subject, the EXECUTIVE delivers the services mentioned in the PRICELIST to the CUSTOMER.

4. The service delivery conditions and order

4.1. After reviewing the PRICELIST (participation conditions) and choosing the required type of service the CUSTOMER has to send the EXECUTIVE a Conference participation request, filled in accordance with the form accessible on; after that the public offer contract (hereinafter referred to as the CONTRACT) is considered to be concluded;
4.2. The EXECUTIVE bills the CUSTOMER only on the basis of the received service delivery request;
4.3. After the CUSTOMER clears the issued bill and the EXECUTIVE receives the payment the CONTRACT comes into effect;
4.4. The EXECUTIVE starts to perform its obligations under the terms of the present offer on May, 13, 2009;
4.5. The services are considered to be delivered in full amount and in proper way if the CUSTOMER doesnĺt submit the claim within 3 business days after the EXECUTIVE stops service delivery.
The service delivery acceptance protocol is considered to be signed (and the services are considered to be delivered in a proper way) if the CUSTOMER does not submit the claim;
4.6. Other service delivery conditions are listed in 5-7 paragraphs of the present OFFER.

5. Financial relations of the contracting sides
5.1. The CUSTOMER carries out all service payments on advance basis;
5.3. All service payments are received in rubles on EXECUTIVEĺs operating account or at EXECUTIVEĺs pay office.

6. Executiveĺs obligations
6.1. The EXECUTIVE is obliged to inform the CUSTOMER on all the situations requiring an additional agreement in due time;
6.2. Upon the CUSTOMERĺs request the EXECUTIVE is obliged to grant him\her an access to all the information regarding the provided services.

7. Customerĺs obligations
7.1. The CUSTOMER is obliged not to perform any actions or make any offers that can lead to a third person filing a case;
7.2. The CUSTOMER is obliged to observe the confidentiality rules in respect of the clients, e.g. not to disclose any information about its clients to third persons;
7.3. When disclosing any information regarding the EXECUTIVE and its field of activity the CUSTOMER is obliged to use only the information officially published by the EXECUTIVE or posted on the EXECUTIVEĺs website;
7.4. The CUSTOMER is obliged to use only the permitted methods of partner and client acquisition.

8. Special conditions
8.1. The EXECUTIVE does his best in order to properly deliver the services to the CUSTOMER in accordance with the PRICELIST, however all the services are provided as-is without any direct or indirect guarantees;
8.2. The EXECUTIVE has a right to stop the service delivery in case the CUSTOMER fails to follow 7.1-7.4 paragraphs.

9. Responsibility of the sides
9.1. The sides are responsible for non-fulfillment or an inappropriate fulfillment of the contract obligations in accordance with current legislation;
9.2. The EXECUTIVE is not responsible for being unable to provide the necessary services to the CUSTOMER due to reasons beyond the EXECUTIVEĺs control;
9.3. If the CUSTOMER is not satisfied with the conditions or quality of the services delivered by the EXECUTIVE, then only and exclusive prerogative of the CUSTOMER is waiving the use of services.

10. Terms of validity
10.1. The contract becomes effective on the date specified in 4.3 paragraph of the present OFFER and remains effective until the sides completely fulfill their obligations.

11. Sideĺs disagreement settlement

11.1. All disagreements and discrepancies are settled by means of discussion between the sides. In case disagreements and discrepancies cannot by settled by means of discussion they are forwarded to arbitral court of Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad Region.

12. Requisites
The Executive: LLC źPanorama Nedvizhimosti╗
Companyĺs address: zip-code: 196105, Yuriya Gagarina prospect, 1.
Mailing and Trading address: zip-code: 196105, Saint-Petersburg, Yuriya Gagarina prospect, 1.
VAT number: 7810488519
tax registration reason code: 781001001
PSRN 1077847580425
Operating Account: 40702810412030000296
Subsidiary Office #2
Filial agency ôNevskiyö JSC Bank VTB North-West
Corresponding Account 30101810200000000791
SWIFT 044030791

CEO: V.N. Nikolaev
General accountant: M.Z. Ganchyuk

Tel. Nr. +7 812 346-5798, +7 812 329-3690, +7 812 387-8558