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Time: May 14, 11.00-16.00.

We invite all the Mass Media Representatives to take part inn the press tour.

Before registration for the press tour, you need to pass the accreditation for the conference.

The busses will be waiting for you from 10.30 to 11.00 am on May 14th near the «Park Inn Pulkovskaya» hotel

By the end of the press tour you will be driven back to the hotel at

Press Tour: Elite real estate in Saint-Petersburg way and in Moscow way. Antiques or new construction? (a trip on a motor ship along the channels of Saint-Petersburg)

Organizer – Advecs. Real estateCorporation

Amount of places:
43 persons

Exclusive, unique , these are the synonyms, describing something extraordinary, exceptional in its own way.
Which of the real estate object may we describe as the only one in its own way?
Antique real state is easy to find (especially in Saint-Petersburg). The projects by Trezzini, Rossi, Quarenghi, Rasstrelli, Tchevakinsky, Lidval, which are the part of Golden fund not only in Saint Petersburg, as well are recognized as the world’s cultural heritage.
And what is the oneness of the modern elite complexes?
What will we be looking at in 10 years, what will be the sights of the embankments? What is Saint Petersburg: a museum city, which is being preserved or a developing alive organism?
Alexander Romanenko, the president of FIABCI EUROPE (and ex- president of Russian Guild of Realtors) will express his opinion on these questions.

The contact person:

Lebedeva Anastasiya,
the director of marketing department, advertising and PR Corporation of
Advecs.Real Estate
Tel : (812) 322-52-00

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16.00 pm.